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Best free resources for starting Korean?:)

Hello! I am about to really start dedicating time to Korean.. I would like to start trading Korean lessons for English here on Italkie, but I am not yet at a conversational level. I would love to know what you guys recommend to get started!

So far, seems like a really good base website to start, and maybe I will start learning hangul on youtube?

If you would post whatever has/is working for you, that would be awesome!

Thank you so much!,



somewehre around here someone mentioned this one here


and maby this side


but i didnt try it. I also haven't found many other online - free sources then the ones stated above.

For learning you might want to have alook here.


Anyway I think it will be hard to only learn by free resources also it is possible, personally I'd prefere one good book about grammar and having some examples with the grammar. All the free resources can than be used to sharpen your skills, afterwards. ;)


Hey! I would deffinatly reccomend a couple of youtube videos!

Those which I am about to recommend improved my Korean reading and writing skills drastically!

Here they are, hope they can help!:


Hana Hana Hangeul


The Korean writing system


The first link is a series of short, but very useful videos. The other is a bit longer, but still a series :)

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