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Have a pat or not?

Actually, I have a cat. cute cat. she makes me wanna go home soon, to see her. but, she sometimes take my sleeping time. I get bad mood almost every moring coz I dont have enough time to sleep.. what do you think?



I mean "Pet"... :P

When I was a kid, my mom raised one cat, two rabbits in our house. I alsways sleep with the cat before my mom found it. So I like cat more than dog. I want to have my own cats now, but I give up this plan because the place I live is too small and I don't have enough time to play with them. In my opinion, keeping pets is a serious thing, if you can't take good care of them, maybe you should think twice about your desicion.

for Echo,

yeah. I agree with you. it's not about time to play with it only, but we have to take care about the feed, clean the poop, and notice what actually she wants. 

sometimes I got confuse what the "meow" means. coz one "meow" has many meanings. :P

for Martha,

Maybe you should put the word into the specific context, and try to guess its meaning. When I do comprehension, there are some words I don't know, but I still can understand the mainly theme of the context, I try to speculate the meaning of the word. The method most of the time are useful.

for Echo:

ah..sorry.. :)

thanks for telling me. sometimes I feel that people just understand what I said, then I realize that they didnt..



My roommate has a cat! She pounces everywhere, scratches the surface of the billards table, and tries to escape whenever we open the front door. But a very lovely cat nonetheless.

Marco: my cat will run away if she finds that the pup place havent cleaned yet... :P


Bruce: hahahaha.... my cat always takes my sleeping time.. :P

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