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In your opinion, which Spanish speaking country/city/ town has the best accent, costume, and dialect?


I just love the Spanish and Latin American culture and I would like to know about it more and more. The more cities and accents I get to familiarize myself to, the better I can communicate with people in Spanish! 






Existen tantas variantes que no se puede decir que ninguno sea mejor que el otro :)


Donde mejor se habla español sin duda es en Valladolid, y eso que yo soy de Bilbao! 

Donde más cuesta entender el español es en el sur, andalucía. 

En el norte también se habla bien, pero hay más acentos.


Un saludo!


There is only one critical area in Spain where the accent is really difficult to understand, it is the region of Andalucia. It is true that in the north of Spain, mainly Galicia, there is a little of accent but nothing complicated. Of course, it always depends of the social status of the person you are talking to. If you are talking to a college professor or qualified professional the probabilities about that person has a difficult accent is less than if you talk to a person who does not has any eduaction. So I think the difficulty of the accent is highly related with the level of education, but not always.


I've been told that Salamanca is a good city to learn in. At least many language schools market it as the place with the best accent to learn from. I'm not sure what other Spaniards think of that? I found it a great city to learn in.

Salamanca is a good place to learn Spanish, of course, but no more than any other beatiful city that does not have a second language as official language such as Catalonian or Euskera. The problem of learning Spanish in cities like Bilbao, Barcelona or Valencia is that you will find a lot of information in those languages. But to be fair, I do not think that it be an important problem to take in account, these cities are very awesome and I think you will enjoy them.


According to some people, the Castilian from Lima is one of the most neutral accents. You can hear Mario Vargas Llosa (although he is from Arequipa, is academically from Lima), or these others:

They are not discjockeys, just real people:


 Independent of whether or not I'm Colombian, I think the best Spanish is spoken in Colombia (Bogotá).

If you think that the best english language is spoken in England, then Castilla is the correct answer, specially Valladolid even though there's not a big difference with Salamanca or Zamora and other regions. But I think all forms and accents are the best, just the most similar to the old castellano is spoken in those regions.

I think that Colombians speak Spanish very clear and with little accent. Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and Puerto Rico are the worse countries to learn Spanish (FYI I'm Cuban not Colombian).

El castellano o español nació en Castilla y despues los castellanos lo llevaron por medio mundo. El acento de Salamanca, Toledo, Zamora y Valladolid es el mas puro porque es el más cercano al castellano original que nosotros llamamos "castellano antiguo", que sustituyó al latin como lengua hablada por el pueblo. Salamanca y Toledo ademas son bonitas por su casco antiguo y sus monumentos. Yo prefiero definitivamente Salamanca por su vida social.

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