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confused ?

why not all the people speaking one language do you think that the life will be more easier ? 



it takes several thousand years for a language to come into being.and the local language stands for the native culture.thanks to those difference and now the world is so colourful.but when it comes to language study sometimes you may find it does need a lot of energy...personally,the real diffculity for the language learning freshman is to accept the way of thinking of the native speakers. but occasionally,i wish all the people speak only one language too. hope you will make great progress in your language learning.

The langauge can be regarded a part of culture in a country and the diversity of culture could be more interesting than anonymous single culture  . Although I am eager to learn English , I do not really wish there is only one language left across countries . That would be a disaster for human civilization in the future if it is the case . You might be convenient to communicate occasionally , on the contrary , to my knowledge , I can see the doom for the social evolution .

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