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Will you chat with person without real photo in his/her profile in




Yes I would.

Yup I'll chat with you....

I don't see why not. It's not like you're planning to stalk me or something, aren't you?


Of course. It makes no difference when it comes to language learning.

By the way, you uploaded your picture after accidentally flipping it, haven't you noticed ?

Yes,because i also do not have my photo on profile. Some people do not like to strangers can see their real photos and i understand it. :)

Sure. Wise move to don't put photo. Who know what you will be doing in future, maybe you will be a spy : ).

yes i will. why not . the purpose for us to be here is to have a language exchange. what you look like doesnt make any difference. besides i can have the right to do so.  

How do you know real photo or not?

What do your think of a person whose photo is not real ?

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