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Persian Months

"Persian months run in perfect tandem with the months of the Zodiac.  The first month of the year is Farvardin and corresponds to Aries and the last is Esfand which is exactly in parallel with Pisces." - from Complete Modern Persian by Narguess Farzad


I found this interesting.  I always thought the zodiac came from the ancient Greeks.  Can anyone tell me more about this?



The Babylonians had astrology before either the Greeks or Persians. There's plenty about this on Wikipedia.

I think altig is correct.

Thanks. I never put much stock in astrology so I know very little about it.  I knew different cultures built structures oriented to the heavenly bodies; but, I never knew there was a correlation between the calendars of different civilizations.  I still wonder why the Persians have the same calendar as the the zodiac.  There has to be some connection somewhere.  

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