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What can i do?

For long i cannot get one of my friends on italki. I don't know the person physically but as time has passed i got affection for the person. When i write to the person, he/ her don't answer i don't know what is happening. What can i do ? i am disturb. I need advices please. Had anybody been in this situation before?



Maybe she/he is busy,otherwise, you can't force anyone to speak to you. Just get over it and try to find another language partner.

ok thanks for your comment!!!

Move on

I couln't agree more with Comandante. Even so, if i were you, i would send the last message where i would write some thing like  that I don't know because you don't answer, your  reasons will have to do it. Whatever i wish you have good luck with your life.This way, she could see you are a polite person.

thanks but  what  makes you feel that the person is a "she"?

It makes no difference if it is a he or a she, the same adivce applies.

ya you are right thanks for your help!!!





patrick,you are really young,20 years!!!!!!!!!

these feeling come and go!dont pay attention to them!

but if you were older and single , so your conditions  change!!!!!!!

so  i told you  will follow  her  and know her more and more...........

lol.. ahahaha..  :D :D :D


She's practicing English with 10-20 friends on skype. 

That's why she can't reply to you quickly. . . 










Never mind it in the least , and I think you can keep moving on the road of mastering your language .

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