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Online Team Building Activities


"Team building activities are important for all groups, but devising team building activities appropriate for virtual teams can be difficult. Fortunately, you can adapt some in-person team building activities for the online world in a way that keeps them fun and interesting and that helps to build the sense of community among team members."


In order to help teammates become more familiar with each other, which activity is the perfect way to help online teammates feel more comfortable with each other? What do you think?






thank you Dennis B, yeah it is about language activities.






I believe the key to a good team is strong leadership. So the basic requirement is to have a good leader who can unite the team and keep the members together. You need  a good culture in the team that acts  as a glue. As far as  activities are  concerned,  it should initially be focused on team building.  Later  on when the team members know each other well there can be discussions,  debates etc. on various topics based on the qualification, hobbies, interests  of the members.  Thank you!


thank you Yusuf!

goog luck with that


Vidim da ti je bosanski maternji, pa ću shodno tome da pišem na srpskom. 

Ok, mislim da su svi podjednako bitni:

1. Dobar lider

2. marketinški i prodajni menadžeri

3. Profesori (nezvanični i profesionalni)

4. Dobar direktor 


Dobre ideje/diskusije, ... 


hvala Suzana 

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