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Do you like making plans?

Do you like making plans? Or just do whatever you want? Why or why not? If you like making plans,are you good at sticking to your plan or always give up half way? And do you mind sharing your plans with me? Thanks! :)



Unfortunately, I am random , I do whatever I want.

Not always, but sometimes i will make plans, for example a party to get together...

I MAKE PLAN but idont see anyone to follow it:)))))))0

but sometimes i greatwhen idont see a problem in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

To Ayyur,

Aha,maybe it suits you this way. :)

Hi ferry,

Yeah...just like me. :P

Hi tania,

Hmmmm...I like making plans,but I would change it sometimes because there would be lots of things get in the way of it. Too bad. :(

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