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which day is of in your country?

in my country ,it s friday!



Saturday and Sunday...but some people work on Saturday.

It's Sunday. We work from Monday to Saturday

Just Friday.


Which day is "off" in your country.

In my country every day except Friday :)

sorry dennis, i cant understand f,s???????????///

to nacir:

 thanks alot  to correct my mistak, if you see another mistake in my discusions please correct it agaiN!



The day of rest or "Holy Day" according to Torah is "Sabat" or Saturday (starts after sunset on Friday). It was forbidden to work on that day. Christians also observed this day on saturday for about 300 years. Later, the first christian emperor, Constantine The Great, changed it to Sunday. In Islam, Friday is the holy day, but it is not totally forbidden to work on that day.

Here is Sunday :D

Sat and sunday :))

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