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Is tea still very popular among Chinese people?

I drink tea everyday (black, green, white), but am yet to find a tea that will blow my mind (and taste buds). Is tea very popular among the Chinese? What are the most popular kinds? How often do you drink it? Is there a method to brewing good tea? (My Chinese is very bad, so it would help if you replied in English, but you can throw in some words in Chinese, especially if related to tea.)



Rarely has a habit of drinking tea in Chinese's daily life. As we all know Tea culture is broad and profound.Many people drink tea just like a  plain boiled water.In another way,tea is too expensive to many people ,they think it is not necessary in daily life。            MY english isn't  good 。if there is anything wrong with my sentence please tell me。

OK Doyou have Skype ID We learning to language together .let's  help each other

I mostly drink tea maybe twice a day. I like to drink tea with health benefits, such as Gohyah and original Japanese green tea.




我觉得绿茶真的很好喝 :-)


yes, tea in China is still very popular. Here is the top 10 list of chinese Teas (from the "Tea-Shopping-Guide"): 

- 西湖龙井 Xi hu long jing

- 洞庭碧螺春 Dong ting bi luo chun

- 祁门红茶 Qi men hong cha

- 君山银针 Jun shan yin tie

- 黄山毛峰 Huang shan mao feng

- 武夷岩茶 Wu yi yan cha

- 安溪铁观音 An ji tie guan yin

- 信阳毛尖 Xin yang mao jian

- 都匀毛尖 Dou yun mao jian

- 六安瓜片 Liu an gua pian

During my stay abroad I have been mainly in Nanjing, so I know the Huang shan mao feng or the Bi luo chun very well for example. Huangshan is the Yellow Mountain in the Province Anhui, where thís tea grows.

I also wrote an article about how the Chinese use to drink their tea here:

but unfortunately only in German language. 

You can find several short stories around the Chinese tea culture in the books.

I think you can compare the tea culture in China with the vine culture in western countries.


Thank you all for your responses guys. Valeria, I actually can read German (slowly though). I've already read halfway through your very interesting blog entry about the history and tradition of tea in China. I've learned a lot about the history of the Chinese word for tea itself, among other things. What I've found most interesting so far though, is what you mention in your blogpost about the deeper meanings attached to tea, and the rituals associated with growing, brewing and drinking tea (the Tao of Tea, indeed!).



Thank you. What does "Tie guan Yin" mean? How do you write it in Chinese?

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