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What Is Your Way Of Relaxation...?

People have different way to relax.
It's really important to know how to get yourself relaxed. Sometimes we have stresses that keep us uncomfortable and sad :(

my way of relaxation is to drink a cup of tea and think of nothing or enjoying the beautiful nature

Tell us what is your relaxation



My way is sleeping but It seem right to be unhealthy before stress. However I like sleeping.

spending time with close friends and pets...

I like listening to music or watching a good film. Also eating chocolate is a great way of relaxing :)

Listening to my favorite pianist songs really make me relax..


Exercise!  Running, boxing, jumping rope, bike riding ... I feel terrible if I don't exercise.

playing my favourite computer game. :)



I like drinking herbal tea, sitting outside listening to the birds, reading a book, eating dark chocolate, listeing to music, ...

listen to music, spending time with dog, do sport or watch any funny movie.

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