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Learn more than one language at the same time over internet.......uuumm, kind of difficult

Hi everyone, i have a great concern about some people who wants to learn more than one language at the same time over the internet, in my opinion it's almost impossible, i think you should focus on only one language at a time, spend at least 6 months of learning and practicing.





It depends, I guess it depends on the language you learn it. I think every language in the world have its own characteristics. I'm learning English, Italian, and French at the same time.  But I'm agree with you, over internet it's a little difficult.

It depend on your level. I am upper intermediate in English and begginer in Spanish. I don't face any problem with it. Maybe I will face some problems if the two languages at the same level. 

Take language class online , you need to be self-discipline to reach your goal.

Yes, and patience too.

I study Arabic, but I live and work in a community surrounded by Spanish speakers.  I have no choice except trying to improve my Spanish while I work on learning Arabic. One third of my Facebook posts are in Spanish and I want to keep up with those who used to live near me.  I ususally can make no sense of the Arabic Facebook posts because they are written in local languages.

I have the same thoughts.
That's why I'm rushing to be

fluent in English so I could proceed to
learning other languages.




I want to learn other languages but I barely have enough time to learn German. I too agree that it is better to put your main focus on one language until you at least reach a conversational level. It really depends on what level you want to reach. I think becoming intermediette to fluent in such languages as German is going to take awhile and it wouldn't hurt to start studying another language in the meantime. But beginners who have like three languages in mind to become fluent in are bighting off more then they can true. I think most people get sidetracked and end up not even learning one of them. They get burnt out.

I meant to say "bighting off more then they can chew."

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