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The Future of Ukraine (cultural and/or civilization conflict)

These days , TV news tell us the changing in Ukraina. In my understanding, the complicated cultural struggles and the gas between richer people and poorer people are the background of the conflict of the troubles in Ukraina. I am not sure this kind of conflict can be explained at the context of "Clash of Civilization"(at Ukraina case, EU and Russia.). There is also the same kind of trouble are happned in Thailand (at Thailand case , China and South Asia). Do you think this kind of cultual conflict can be solved ? if can , how can human belings solve the cinflict? If someone has the solution and opinion, could tell me.



I will give you my opinion in a very  careful way because I do not want your thread to be deleted.


I have heard that the situation in Ukraine is this:


In the western part of the country, most of the people speak Ukrainian.

In the eastern part of the country, most of the people speak Russian.


Many people say that the new  Ukrainian government needs to treat both parts of the country with respect.


Well, I had better stop.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if humans concentrated on looking after the planet and not arguing about who is in charge and who owns what.

Looking those peoples which have standed up for centuries , most of them consume plenty of time and all out effort to struggle and flight . Peace with calmness must pay and there is no free meal all the time .

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