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Introducing the NEW Simple "PROJECT10 Challenge!" An Easy, and Rewarding 5 Step Challenge to FREE SESSIONS!!!


I am an experienced teacher with the cheapest, most beneficial sessions that will help you achieve your goals! I will be dependable by answering any questions you may have. You will benefit in ways you never thought were possible. How would you like to get your sessions for free?

Now you can!

My convenient new program will allow you to both reach successful English desires, and save tons of money. With such a fun, exciting, and educating opportunity; you can't go wrong. All you have to do is this sign up for a trial session for 10 ITC and tell me that you are interested in the "Project 10 Challenge."

After your first 10 sessions you will be eligible to have your next 5 sessions FREE. All you have to do is book 10 sessions in 1 month (or thirty days from trial) complete them, then you get your next 5 sessions absolutely free!

Also as a bonus if you refer 2 friends to participate in the Project 10 Challenge, you will get five free sessions extra for free. Meaning if you pay for 10 sessions, you have the potential to get your next ten session the following month for free.


***To Unlock 5 Free Sessions, you must buy 10 sessions within thirty days from your trial.


***To Unlock 10 Free Sessions, you must buy 10 sessions, and refer 2 friends to do the same.


STEP ONE: Book a Trial Session

STEP TWO: Accept the "PROJECT 10 Challenge" by (Saying or Typing Challenge Accepted!)

STEP THREE: Complete 10/10 Sessions in 30 days. (By doing this you receive 5 FREE SESSIONS)

STEP FOUR: Refer 2 Friends, or Family to do the same thing.

STEP FIVE:  If your 2 referrals do the same thing (You will receive 5 Additional Free Sessions!)

***Instant Tutoring, Informal and Packages are qualified as "Project 10 Challenge" Sessions.***

***Free sessions are personally booked with teacher, not italki and are 30 minutes long***



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