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What type of learner are you? What is your style and strategy?

This article come to my hand and I think it is very important to figure out my personal learning method. (


There are many styles, for instance:

-Visual learners: If you love to learn by writing lots,enjoy reading and prefer to see the words that they are learning.


-Auditory learners: If you remember what I hear and don’t need to see words written down.

earn by touching and manipulating objects - this is known as “hands-on” work.

-Kinesthetic learners: If you like to learn by moving around like movement and need frequent breaks in desk activities.

-Field-independent learners: (also called analytic learners) like to concentrate on the details of language, such as grammar rules, and enjoy taking apart words and sentences.

-Field-dependent learners (also known as global learners): focus on the whole picture and do not care so much about the details. For example, they are more interested in conveying an idea than worrying about whether it is grammatically correct.

-Reflective learners: like to think about language and how to convey their message accurately. They tend not to make so many mistakes because they take time in formulating what they want to say.

-Impulsive learners: take risks with the language. They are more concerned with speaking fluently than speaking accurately, and so make more mistakes.


Could you share your vision. Any new suggestions are welcomed.



ohhh I forget this one

-Tactile learners:  learn by touching and manipulating objects - this is known as “hands-on” work.

I,m a global learner.

eva: I think it's hard to use all these kinds. What do you like the most?

Right now, I mix  both of Visual and Auditory to learn language.

The most of all I like reading. What is diffrence if I,m this or that learner? Does it help me with learning of language? Should I preffer one instead of something another. Btw it is very boring discussion. hahah

Alexander999: Sure you are :) there is no pure type.


eva: Yes, I see people don't like the direct related languages discussion. It is a strange paradox in the language site o_O!!! Then how can they will blame me If I started a contraversory discussion?? and I assure you I can do it ;)


By the way, you will loose time and effort if you use the wrong way to learn language. Am I right?

@commandante: Yes, you are right. What are your recommendations, what are your ways of learning of  foreign languages, are they anyhow diffrent from classical memorization? Have you tried any unconventional techniques? If yes, which ones and why?

eva: thank you for understanding. I have learnt English in hard way. They just focus on grammar in our schools and this is the main reason that most of people on my country quite learning English. I am trying to do it in the right way with Spanish. I started with Pimsluer course which is focuse mainly on listening ,repitition and the right utterence. Now, I am using FSI language course which it is focuse on reading, listening, repitition, the accent difference, right utternece, intonation, simple dialoge and grammar drills. I estimate that I can finish the bigginer level in six months to one year. After that, I will transform to work on accents. Simple plan, right? :)

hmmmm comandante@ Simple as simple - important that it works for you. I decided to drill my English accordance old traditional methods with my specific blueprint in it hahhah... It means I took my 4 old textbooks which came to me for less as 10 cents what is actually for free and I have started to read them. I have a red and green pen by me and I underline these passages or words or sentences which I don,t know. After reading of these textbooks I have in plan to revise these passages and words, which are underlined till I will know them. Later my intention is to take my textbooks from language school and revise them. Daily I have managed to read 10 pages, sometimes less. Reading and writting on pc I don,t consider as serious learning of English, however, it is a practice too. I have to look for Pimsluer course and FSI language course on the net. I will see what about it is. Wish you good luck with Spanish!

eva: I wish you good luck with your languages as well :)

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