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How to improve my speaking so quickly?

My speaking is very bad. I almost can not speaking anything. Because I'm scary that I will speaking incorrectly. I'm not confident to speak.




What you need is a safe and constructive environment. A good teacher will make you feel comfortable, and then will help you improve. With them, you will feel good in any case.





 Your difficulty   can only be made worse if you tree to engage a  practice partner in casual dialogue.


 In other words, if you find someone to practice with, and the have not sent you by e-mail, some kind of a text to read together as basic practice,  you will not have  the "good teacher"

 that "Teacher Jacob of USA"    refers to.


    When you start  contacting practice partners and teachers,   insist that they send you some kind of a text that you can read together as a first lesson.  This allows you to practice without     feeling  embarrassed or guilty  because you have difficulty forming sentences or asking  spontaneous questions.


  My method when beginning with a student, is to send them something simple to read, like the words to a  simple song  or nursery rhyme and I read a few words at a time, slowly, and have my student repeat the phrase.   This frees the student from having to think in   English.   After you practice pronouncing  the  specific English words from some text,  you begin to feel more confident.


     Also,  I use  simple slow songs  for beginning lessons,  so that the student can watch Videos of the song and hear it over and over in the period between practice sessions.


  Once the student becomes comfortable  with this kind of practice,  study with practice partner becomes easy. 



(Hope that helps.)

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