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Do I say in Japanese?

Sorry to say that, but i lied to my collegue that i know Japanese,hahha. Well, there was a reason to lie. And now, she is asking various types of questions to translate into Japanese coz it don't really match though she used google translate as she said to me! Can anybody please help me? Seems like she is not gonna leave my room, hahha


How do you say "Beautiful photo of you, my dear! I think you should frame sometime later"

Could you please translate into Japanese script?



Then, you cover your lie with another lie.

What for?

Say this to her before you become yourself again.



Watashi wa hanasu koto wa dekimasen

"i cannot speak" in Japanese



Watashi wanaidesunode,

"because i am not" in Japanese




"sorry" in Japanese



Watashi wa anata o kandō shitai, mae ni watashi wa uso o tsuita

"i lied before, i just want to impress you" in Japanese

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