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what's your unforgettable dreams?

Im a person who almost always get a dream in every sleep. I can remember every details of it. thats why I can feel my dream like in a real life. 



To be with him forever in real.

a couple of days ago, I had a dream about my boy friend. It was about how he lived each grwon up year before meeting me. I saw his life in the first 3 grown up years, when his ex was included. but when its came to the forth year, i was waked up. It is an unforgettable dream, and I wish it will continue some night.

Only weird ones. .


I hear unusual sounds all at the same time.. 

 . . 

. . very scary. .

yulia : Good to have that dream :)

Becky : do tell you bf about it? coz sometimes, I think it's better to make people in your dream know about what you see. 

Marie: Then I hope you will never see unusual thing. Like I did... :)

maybe it is because you are a right-head user. or that probably means you are not real deep-sleep. just relax and enjoy your spare time. 

I think it's a good thing to remember dreams. I actually use it to solve problems but can't remeber them all.

Lisa : May be you are right. my friends told me that Im right-head user. I love almost my dream, although it kill my sleeping time.. :)


Elizabeth : How could you solve the problem. I mean, what kind of ur dream that can help you..? :)

For example, I'm busy during awake time and what I've missed will be kept subconsciously. Then my dream will tell what I've missed. Also, if something troubles me, sometimes (not all the time) a show will come. One day, there is a show that I couldn't sit on my chair and failed many times. When I woke up, I realized I had to give up my plan, if not so, I’d be like trying to sit on the failing-me chair.

I also dream things opposite to the reality. If I fail in dreams, I’ll be ready to accept failure, which calms me down.

There are also few future dreams, very few.

It’s also well known in China that some dreams are related to health, which I don’t remember specifically.

I dont remember my dreams much, generally i forget my dreams when i finish my breakfast

Elizabeth : wow,, it's nice to know your dreams. just like I feel it. In Indonesia, if we got bad dreams, we have to turn the pillow into the opposite side (another side), so the bad dream will go away.. :D


Knighty9 : may be sometimes you need to take time after wake up to remember your dream. coz dream is kind of story that only you and God who know it.. :D


Delaney : sounds like you still dont understand what your dream talk about.. :D

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