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Speedy Gonzales and The Zorro


When I was a young child, I used to watch too much TV. I have to admit that. So, I became accustomed to the Mexican translations of every American, and usually British cartoon or movie. Most of dubbed versions of TV programmes produced in English speaking countries go to Latin America with a Mexican flavour.


It's not so common to have translated versions of other programmes, at least, I think Garfield. This cartoon was dubbed in Santiago de Chile and the neutral accent was extraordinary.


But the case of Speedy Gonzales, the small and funny mouse was very gifted with his phrase: ¡Ándale, Ándale, arriba, ehhhhh!!!!


This character deserves an entire book and a monument. 


The Zorro, is like the most specifically Mexican heroe in the American cartoon that I saw. And it is a strong male model: handsome, athletic, and full of mystery. He had a kind of Latin charm as Lorenzo Lamas or Andy García.


But what I love the most is how the Mexican actors had given a completely different personality to Homer Simpson in Spanish. I think he is more vibrant and intense in his Mexican version.


Did you see any of these programmes when you were children?









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