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Superman's question

In the end of the film "Superman Returns",  Lois Lane wrote the header of new article "Why the World Needs Superman".

Do you ask yourself the same question: why does the World needs you?



Because the child needs her mother haha

Cause everything is a balance, but I think the world does not need us any more, cause We are just destroying it :/... so this fits here... Mother Earth don't forgive them because they know what they're doing!!!

Because if I am disappeared, the world will be frozen till death.

Superman is just a materialistic version of the Messiah (the savior). Really? One man could save the world o_O!!!!

Anyway, I think the world don't need me. 

correction_ the world DOES NOT need me.

Because, everyone of us is a piece of the puzzle, so without one of us the puzzle will be incomplete.

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