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What do you know about Ukraine?

What do you know about Ukraine?
If don't look in Wikipedia, etc.



The capital is Kiev . A very beautiful city ( I visited once when I was a child ) which now is being destroyed  by some violent crowd of people ( sorry for expression ).  I know that most of the Ukraine population speaks Russian . Ukraine is also famous for " salo " сало .  And the most important things also - Ukrainian girls are very beautiful :))))

well these days ukraine is in the news alot cos of the clashes and the goverment issues.. and the next thing you know when you try to search ukraine in google the very search suggestion it gives is ukranian girls .... so it means that they are beautiful 

The news says Ukraine ain't got no president no more. We've been there 3 years back. how are the Ukrainians holding up? 

I'm sure Ukraine is Europe and their people want to be european and feel like european people.they love freedom and I hope soon they're with us fot following the same way.far away from Russia...

I'm sorry to say. But I was watching TV and read newspaper online I see demonstration at capital of ukraine. Eveything in there very bad. Also I see a police man fall in love with a girl. They are finding true love. Hope problem run out soon.

The most obvious thing that I knew about Ukrainian is they are bilingual

they have the ability to speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently

2nd is they are too brave to tying the President's Men in a tree ))
viva Ukraine the country that accomplished 2 revaluations in less than 10 years 

The capital is Kiev, it was part of Soviet Union and it is in Europe (East Europe). Their official languages are Russian and Ukrainian and the Ukrainian women are so beautiful.

It's been on the news a lot lately, riots and protests

Ukraine belongs to North Asia or East Europe.Most of people speak Russian.I know Андрй Миколайович Шевченко and that girls are all beautiful. Besides, I just read some news about the country.(I feel sorry for that.)

Ukraine is located between Russia and Europe. The Russian gas pipe line pass through it and I think this is the main reason of the problems there now (the hidden reason). The economic deteriorate recently. The whole country divided into two parts , I guess east (into Russia) and west (into Europe). The Christianity divided into two part .One part follow the church in Russia and the other part follow another church, I am not sure though. I forgot the name of these churches. There are a minority of Muslim there. Becareful, your country may divideinto two countries in future (west Ukraine and east Ukraine) . Most people speak Russian fluntly. The people are very nice and open to another cultures. They deserve the best.



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