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how to say "hello" in Vietnamese :D



Sorry, I dont get your mean?

Xin chao

because u know, i think there are many ways to say "hello" in Vietnam. For example, when u meet another people in different age, u will say "hello" in different ways :D such as "Chào bạn, chào anh, cháu chào bác..." or sometimes in specific way like "Ê, đi đâu đấy" :D That's my opinion :D

Xin chào. Hoặc kèm theo từ phù hợp vơi đối tượng được chào.


"Xin chào" with strangers and there are many ways to say "hello" but not using hello word.


There are many ways for you to say"hello' to others in Vietnamese. Try these examples:

      Ơi dạo này sao rồi!      (informal)

      Thưa chú, bác , cậu , cô, dì,,,,,.... when talking to the elders

      Chào bạn      when first talking to a unknown friend



Hello is the most common word for greeting when we meet someone else. In Vietnamese language it can replace for Good morning, good afternoon, good night... But it has many meanings which we should use suitably in accordance with the situation. In details:


- for your friends and people in close relationship ( most are the same age ): Chào, Hai,

- for elder people, you should note about gender and how much they are older than you. If you use the wrong words, you can make people unhappy.

+ a little older than you: Chào anh

+ maybe the same age to your father: Chào chú

+ very much older: Chào bác

+ like grandfather: Chào ông


The same for women:


+ Chào chị

+ Chào cô

+ Chào bác

+ Chào bà


Mostly for younger ( a little younger ) you will say: Chào em, for much younger ( maybe like your son or daughter ) : Chào cháu


Vietnamese has a proverb: The greetings are more precious than a feast. So please use the best words to make a good relationship and impression.

1/ Xin chào 

2/ Chào cô, Chào chú....

3/ Thưa bác, Thưa Ngoại.....


Vô vố kể

Hmmm actually "xin chào" is strange for me. I usually say "(Ê,)(đi)đâu đấy", "(ê,)(đi) học à",.. When i see friends on the street. For olders I usually say "em chào anh/chị" "cháu chào cô/dì/chú/bác/ông/bà v..v". However, Vietnamese also has an intimate greeting like "(ăn) cơm chưa?" For neighbors,acquaintainces v..v

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