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What movies do you like? Could someone give me some suggestuons about good movies to see? Thanks!




'Groundhog Day' is the best film ever made:


'School of Rock' is a lot of fun too:


Enjoy :-)

Where the Wild Things Are -
My Life Without Me -
Into the Wild -

My Name Is Khan -

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -

Forrest Gump -

Three Idiots -

Back to the Future -

The Fountain -


Toy Story, Flipped


If you want to watch Indonesian movie, I suggest you to watch "5 CM" it's about nationalism, the beauty of Semeru Mountain in Indonesia, love, friendship, everything :)


5 CM

definitely maybe

made of honor

MAMA "horror"

goodbye lenin "German"

the artist "old silent movie"

a separation "Iranian"

the dark house "horror"

the legend of 1900 "musical" 



Citizen Kane

Gone with the wind

Andrei Rublev

films by Woody Allen

Oh thanks for your nice suggestuons! 

Three idoits,the sound of music

about time



Lawrence of Arabia

Blade Runner

The Wizard of Oz







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