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Italian coffee

what do you think about Italian coffee?



I like smooth coffe, so I don´t like much the Italian coffe (in general, it is very strong for me)

I like Colombian coffe, made smoothly :)

I didn´t know that, so the Italians are also artists "doing coffe", incredible.. (We know that Italian coffe was famous..) 

I´ve tried coffe (in Barcelona) of latino cultures.. I supposed that they were skilled doing coffe..

I suppose I like "this style (café..)" because much of them are mild "coffe" :)


I like it! Although I'm a tea drinker, I sometimes make coffee with my "macchinetta" at home:)

Thanks to everyone, but let me say a fine tuning about Italian coffee, because in Italy the greatest one that you can drink is in Naples.

Very short, very strong, the best taste...
No one coffee in Italy is like Napoletan's coffee.

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