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Why do you wake up every morning ?

To enjoy life ! And work !



A deep question indeed. Quite the equivalent of "what is your purpose in life?".

Happy are those who can find an answer to it.


My purpose in life ? I will say being happy and taking care of people I like.

Interesting question..

Yes, every day we wake up, and if you don´t have ilusion of being alive is very dramatic.

So, I think we have to find a purpose in our lifes; I have to find my purpose/s :)

Good luck Mikel, ask yourself this simple question and you should find your answer : "What do I want to be ?" In fact, your answer must be a single word. It can be, for example, rich, famous, engineer, happy...

Yes, yes IReallyCareAboutYou, I'm very happy with my life.


And about the purpose of Life, to both IReallyCareAboutYou and Oussama, it's a too vast topic and I don't want to waste my life trying to find an answer that fit everybody. Because, In fact, I've found my very own answer to that and it will surely only fit for me.

I wake up because I satiated of sleep.

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