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Have you ever heard the word CHEMITRAIL?

Do you know what it is?


It refers to that kind of white clouds which get formed after a plane passes. 

There are people who say that this sort of clouds are chemical clouds, planes come off chemicals which are detrimental to health, then we all breath them and get ill. 

People who defend this theory say those chemicals come from pharmaceutical industry and the purpose of that action is to affect the health of many people as possible in oder to those people need to buy the medicine which that pharmaceutical industry makes. 

They use the planes because ones the chemicals have come off from the plane and with the help of the air, those products spread and get to more people. 


I think this theory could be true, because the pharmaceutical industry has lot of power. 


What do you think about?




No. Contrails are not chemical. Nonsense. 

I agree with Alexandra.

I've never heard what Alexandra said but it could be because pharmaceutic industry is the best and the worst industry that exist. The best because they make medicine to avoid our illness, and the worst because they make illnesses which are introduced into the human being

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