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What's my problem???

This problem has really put me into a bit of a pickle and i think,i am the only one in the world who has this problem.Over the years,i have failed to come to terms with it and i fail to figure out when and how did i catch it.The problem:whenever my ears itch,i put my index finger into them and this enables me to get rid of that itchy feeling.However,the thoughts that start bothering me after i have taken my finger out of my ear are quite wierd and baffling.I begin to think that before i put my fingers into my ear,my fingers must have been consiting of something;perhaps some small dirty particles and those substances must have gone into my ears as i would have put my fingers into them.Then i think,this would adversely affect my brain and that i would no longer prosper and lose my intelligence.:/.There's another thought which keeps bothering me.It is somewhat same and is that when i clean my ears,the dirty particles that are present in my ear go into my earhole.Would you suggest a solution?



Rest assured , your brain will not be affected by the dirt particles in your finger. Your ear is already filled with a great many germs and none of them ever did anything to your brain. Besides , the white blood cells won't let you down , they kept you alive till now.

Really?finally,something to cheer about. :D

No worries :)

I would suggest you to consult an ENT specialist. It is dangerous to clean ears yourself by inserting something in the ears. The dirt is pushed back towards the eardrum which can also be damaged in the process.  The ENT specialist can also clean your ears professionally by injecting a cleaning solution in the ear and sucking the rest of dirt with vacuum. He can look inside your ear!

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If you insist on sticking your fingers in your ears make sure they are clean first.  You could also you cotton buds that are specifically designed to clean ears.  However, it is not advisable to put things in your ears.  Make sure that they are dried well after you have been under water.

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