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Rice, tomato and banana

As you know in Cuba the rice is very popular, like in many countries in the world.

Cooking rice is "cheap" and is very wealthy.


However, In European countries the people use to eat much bread, because the wheat is planted and rice no (because the climate they can´t plant it). In Valencia, Spain, there are rice plantations..

In North America also there is a much succesful cereal: the maize.


But why the rice is eaten much in "developing" countries than in developed "countries"?

Is cheaper this cereal? Is wealthier this cereal?




That's an interesting question. I don't think I have an asnwer, but I'd also like to hear what people think/know about this. Personally I enjoy rice a lot and often include it in my meals.

Yes, I think is interesting :) I also I like it.

I use to eat with some tomato, eggs, tuna... you can eat in many ways, it´s fantastic.

I would like to discover oriental rices (cooking methods..)

Here in the Philippines, our staple food is rice. Countries like what you've mentioned have different climate and of course they too have different diet. Their fast paced routine everyday greatly affects that too coz rice takes sometime to prepare unlike cereals and the like.

In Japan, we also have rice as stapple food same as Philoppines people. Also Thailand too, I suppose. When I lived in Hong Kong, people sometimes ate rice besides rice noodle. I don't have a answer to your qustion, too, though. I assume maybe climate?  


Alexander, there isn´t a main idea, is only a discussion of rice..


Lilly, the climate is esencial for planting rice, of course. And a question? is popular the "nihonshu" in Japan? :)

It's eaten widely in Iran too. We eat rice with almost everything. It's an inseparable and crucial part of our food and culture. :)


haha same here in Indonesia, rice is our staple food and we don't consider we have eaten meal unless it is rice. Although we already ate another food like bread, fruit or anything else, we will say that we haven't eaten until we met rice wkwkk

You use of wealthy and wealthier confuses me. If the first occurance is merely a typographic error for healthy then developing countries should eat rice. You write about cost in your final questions but the question makes little sense for either word. Wealthy nations such as South Korea prefer rice over wheat. Personally, I make great gluten free yeast breads with rice flour. 

What you are talking about is a matter of statistics . You cannot confirm the cause and effect by simplifying the result of statistics .

On average, most wealthy countries are located at the temperate or frigid zone , where there are not suitable for rice growth   . However , there are exceptions I can enumerate (Eg. Saudi Arabia ) .

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