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Who speaks Bahasa Bali?? Or knows someone who speaks it who you can reccomend?

I really need to learn some Bahasa Bali by June, if anyone can point me in the right direction, or direct the right person to me, I would be very grateful.



i'm balinese but i can't talk Bahasa Bali :"( so, sorry! 

why do you want to learn Bahasa Bali by the way?? 

Yes I am curious too. Is Bahasa Indonesia unsuitable for your purposes? Just wondering because it would probably be easier to find/learn Bahasa Indonesia than Bahasa Bali.

I can speak BALI LAnguange.
what u need. ?

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am going to participate in a performing arts festival as an actor. It's going to be a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It translated into Indonesian and Balinese. My director and I haven't decided which character I will definitely end up playing. If I play Rosalind then all of the lines will be in Indonesian, which is easier to find learning resources for, yes! But if I play Phoebe all of her lines will be in Balinese. So it will end up being one or the other but either way I will need to learn how to read, pronounce well, memorize, and know what the words mean so that I can express them well.

The festival will be in Bali, btw.

Learning pronounciation in Balinese is the hardest one I think, I was stay 1 years in Bali.. But not really good to speak Balinese, they have unique dialect.

I suggest you to learning  from people who really Balinese.. It will work for you.

Good luck!!


better you learning Bahasa indonesia, but we can be partner when you wan to talk bahasa bali

Hey, I'm good t Balianese :)

Sorry, i mean i'm good at Balinese. I've been living in Bali for a long time and i know the politest language or just only for daily conversation.

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