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What do you know about ATATÜRK??




He was the  founder of the Republic of Turkey.  Atatürk  means "Father of the Turks".)His  real name was Mustafá Kemal.

i think you are speaking about the turish leader

He fought against Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli in WWI. Even though the Gallipoli campaign was a disaster from the beginning, it's still one of the most defining moments in Australian history and students here are taught about it every year in primary school. Mustafa spoke highly of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) soldiers even though they were his enemy. There's a memorial to him in Canberra across from the Australian War Memorial.

mehmed ii the greatest man in the history of Turkey :)

He was a cammander at the Galipoli war , he took power afterwards and changed Turkey from an Islamic monarchy to a secular republic.

In my country the "Turkish model" was adopted by our first president , who was increasingly making the country a secular "republic". the only demonstration of secularism we've seen was laws against Hijab and the only republic-like things were the title "president" he gave himself and the phony other republican institutes. so , from where I stand , secularism was a bad idea that only helped breed extremism. I don't know how it went there in Turkey.


As a side note , the major political actor here in Tunisia , the Enahdha party , is the Tunisian version of the AKP. ( or at least very close to it , according to their claims ). The Turkish model is again being adopted in Tunisia , who would've thought :)

He was one of the few good Otoman generals in the First World War and it was largely thanks to his tactics that the Turks managed to preserve their teritory in Anatolia and defeat the Greeks.

He afterwards abolished both the sultanate and the caliphate and declared Turkey a secular, national republic. He imposed a very strict version of secularism in order to modernize to country.

From what I understand he is largely responsible for Turkey's success and stability( compared to many of its neighbours).

Last but not least he has a very educated man.

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