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Hi guys, let me know

Do you think Appologing makes you less in people seeing?,i mean makes you with no position?




Your English makes little sense.  I am sorry that I do not understand your question.  It may be helpful to write your question in multiple languages for the benefit of those who truly wish to comment on an issue.


No, it shows you to be a good person.To be able to apologise sincerely is a good character trait.

Dear Xarmanla,i mean that some people say that when you made a mistake with someone,you should not apologise ,so you will lose your position and you are a weak person.

Mohammed alamin , I think it's good when native speakers indicate our errors ( I'm not netive English-speaker, so my English is not ideal,too) , because they help us to be better . I think you a very good person and work on your English much, yeah , Xarmanla made a sharp remark , but it seems to me it's a little rude to call him or her (I haven't seen the page , sorry) weak - Let's be tolerant to each other . Good luck in your learning languages!:)

I often teach young students.  I teach them what I believe.  I tell them to say that they are sorry (as I did in my earlier comment).  I go on to tell them that the other person must then forgive them.  This process of apology and forgiveness strengthens everyone, including the one giving the advice.  It is a strong person who admits errors and is willing to make amends.  The apology must be sincere and the forgiveness must also be sincere.


i am truly sorry if Irene thought that my comment was rude or that the response was rude.  He speaks the language I am learning.  I truly thought it would be helpful to me to read the question in Arabic.

Xarmanla ,excuse me , I haven't realised - I thought you had in mind he had made a mistake . Sorry again :)

Xarmanla , you also can (it's only my advice , no more) correct his sentence and perhaps he will help you with your Arabic - it will be a good mutual aid :)

Thank you Irene, you are wise beyond your years. 



Let me try to interpret Mohammad's question and re-express it for him -


Do you think that apologising makes you seem less in other people's eyes?

Does it make you lose face?

Does it weaken your position?


Now my response to this -

It is definitely dependant upon one's culture and customs.

My personal belief is that if you are wrong, you should admit it and apologise.

I have greater respect for people who have the strength of character to admit their mistakes and apologise.



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