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What are the boundaries of Complete Freedom?

Freedom. What it is? Have you thought about it? Have you realised it?

Of course, interpretations of 'Freedom' differs from person to person. However, have you ever questioned yourself, is it a real freedom? Do we live in a free society or do we live in the illusion of it?
And, if we do live in the illusion, what are the boundaries of freedom? Where is that line beetwen freedom and chaos? Is there a line? And if yes, who decides to mark the line beetwen them?

I know I asked too many questions=) But it is a really nice way to make people think and discuss. I personally don't know. But recently, I came up with that idea and start thinking about it. What do you think?

P.S. It's really philosophical but yet, practical question in our modern society... Let's discuss it^_^
Please, I hope we discuss it in a civil way, with out insults to each other, ok? Good=)

Thank you all for your commitment on the topic in advance. I appreciate it very much. 



We don't have freedom, we can't do all the things. Freedom can be definite like "I'm willing to do this".


So you are saying that we only have freedom of mind. But what is a freedom for you? Won't it create chaos if people are given too much freedom? Does our society actually ready for that?
Most of the governments run on either direct of indirect control of their citizens. 

Ok.. I tried to say that we dont have freedom to do anything, cause if i want to kill somebody i couldnt. Are you understanding me?


Actually, you are free to do so, but there are consequences... Even though some people avoid those consequences... But I do understand what you mean. Law don't allow us to do bad things, however, come on, it does not really stop people, does it? 
Anyway, my point was a little bit different there are a lot of things that restricts human's freedom: government, phones(social network)[in a way it does restrict], social media, TV, community's view.
I am not saying that complete freedom is a good thing, neither I am saying it is a bad thing. But the whole concept of it. Wether modern community is really need it?

Yeah, internet can give us freedom and can take the freedom, depends of the consciousness

Absolute freedom would be the ability to do what you want without intervention from someone else. You could move to siberia and live away from people and have freedom. When living with others we must balance our freedom with theirs. I believe that the closest we can get to freedom, and keeping society civilized, your freedoms must end when the expression of your freedom takes someones, life, freedom, or property through force or fraud.

As it seems to me, the boundaries of freedom belongs to peaceful and calm mind, different cultures have different definitions of freedom, different civilizations as well. Normally, we could say that we can do something without interrupting is freedom, of course, which is freedom, but the more freedom you are seeking, the further boundaries you will see, just like you are eager to kill someone, the police stoped you to do that, did the police deprive of your freedom? absolutely not. So freedom should please the time and social environment, so whlie we are trying to define what is freedom, we should be guided by these men and countries that are peaceful and calm as well as have relative freedoms.

Freedom is one's ability to do things without any interference or restrictions from outside influences.

Outside influences includes, government, mass media ( radio, print, tv ) or members of your own family or friends. Inside a democratic, there should not be a limit to what you want to do, however-- if you do not live in a TRUE democratic country -- subtleties can sometimes occur. A true democracy allows you a TRUE freedom. Semi-monarchic countries have mixed freedoms. On your part, while it is true that you can do everything in a democracy and have unlimited freedom, you do not have the freedom, say, to shout Fire! inside a dim cinema house where people are watching. If your intention is to create chaos - this is not freedom. this is the opposite.

Alexander is 100% correct.  Unfortunately.  We only have degrees of freedom.

Philosophically speaking we have zero freedom. We are governed by so many unknowns in our life. We plan things but have no idea what can happen next moment to upset our planning(read freedom). It could be a car accident, a thunder storm, spilling of coffee on official documents while in a business meeting and so on. All of these can upset our plans and hence our freedom is gone.


Coming to man made laws etc. Yes those are necessary up to an extent to avoid chaos.


In general my freedom stops where another person's freedom begins. I mean to say that as long as I do not harm or hurt others in any way, I am free to do whatever I like, otherwise as you suggested there will be consequences.


For those who believe in religion and follow it, they have more restrictions on their freedom apart from what laws of the land they live in impose on them. But it is all individual. Here too, they cannot harm or hurt others.

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