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Have you ever seen Soviet films?

Do you like them? Why? What's your favourite one?:)



No I have not been watching it but I am interesting in it. What is characteristic do you sum up?


DIDI , they had many genres , but Russians' most favourites are comedies ( especially , "Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession" - the most popular) and melodrams ( We have a tradition to see "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy your Banya!" every New Year's Eve) . Very good film-adaptations of Classic literary (especially , Russian one , but not only - Soviet Sherlock Holmes was called the best by English Queen) were made in Soviet Union. Soviet films were very good ,  funny and lightsome :)

Thanks Irene, I see these on the internet. I will try to watch it. I sometimes go to libray to see old movies about that period:)

My favourite soviet cartoon has been "No počkaj zajac!" translation in English uf ... "Nu, wait rabbit!" in Russia maybe "Nu, podaždi, zajac" but really I,m not sure.

I in childhood very like to see "Brilliant hand", "Ivan Vasilievich Change Profession" or "Eralash" (pie).I don't know how properly name call for English Russian word "Ералаш".


Yes,I´ve seen a lot,and I like them.Some are excellet.

Andrei Rublev



Ivan´s chilhood

Burnt by the sun

The only Soviet movie I saw was "Moscow doesn't believe in tears" and I found it surprisingly good. I plan to watch many more including but not limited to "War and Peace"(1966), Aelita, Stalker, Solaris. I just have to find enough time ...


This three films are related to WWII ( The Great Patriotic War )

Судьба человека   Fate of a man

Летят журавли   The cranes are flying

Ballad of a soldier

No but i am interested in it   in fact   i watched an American film--Enemy at the Gates  Can u recommened some Soviet films? thank u

Lee Zhe , what genre do you prefer?:)

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