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Have you ever seen Soviet films?

Do you like them? Why? What's your favourite one?:)



No I have not been watching it but I am interesting in it. What is characteristic do you sum up?


DIDI , they had many genres , but Russians' most favourites are comedies ( especially , "Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession" - the most popular) and melodrams ( We have a tradition to see "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy your Banya!" every New Year's Eve) . Very good film-adaptations of Classic literary (especially , Russian one , but not only - Soviet Sherlock Holmes was called the best by English Queen) were made in Soviet Union. Soviet films were very good ,  funny and lightsome :)

Thanks Irene, I see these on the internet. I will try to watch it. I sometimes go to libray to see old movies about that period:)

yes, COME AND SEE 1985

My favourite soviet cartoon has been "No počkaj zajac!" translation in English uf ... "Nu, wait rabbit!" in Russia maybe "Nu, podaždi, zajac" but really I,m not sure.

I in childhood very like to see "Brilliant hand", "Ivan Vasilievich Change Profession" or "Eralash" (pie).I don't know how properly name call for English Russian word "Ералаш".


Yes,I´ve seen a lot,and I like them.Some are excellet.

Andrei Rublev



Ivan´s chilhood

Burnt by the sun

The only Soviet movie I saw was "Moscow doesn't believe in tears" and I found it surprisingly good. I plan to watch many more including but not limited to "War and Peace"(1966), Aelita, Stalker, Solaris. I just have to find enough time ...


This three films are related to WWII ( The Great Patriotic War )

Судьба человека   Fate of a man

Летят журавли   The cranes are flying

Ballad of a soldier

No but i am interested in it   in fact   i watched an American film--Enemy at the Gates  Can u recommened some Soviet films? thank u

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