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Arabic books, short stories/fiction - basic-foundation level

Hi all,


Can anyone recommend a basic basic arabic book for starters? Maybe a childrens book I guess as I'm just learning? I was thinking it might be interesting to try and learn.



I don't know any , but searching on google with the term قصص اطفال (children stories ) gave apparently good results


this seems to be a good app , but I didn't try it , it may turn out to be a total failure:

Go to YouTube and look for Turtle's Flute in Arabic. There is an Arabic transcript and audio to go along with the animation. Most Arabic childern's stories use unfamiliar vocabulary. 



How are you?

As a teacher I encourage you to use this book.





This is for kids. Check this out

Many thanks to all of you. Shokraan. I'll check out the links-book now :)

i think you should start with some short stories as i did to learn english 
and if you want any help you can fallow me and i'll try to help you 


Try gateway to Arabic. Its not a story book, but very good for beginners and easy to use !



I recommend that you try that good website for you as a beginner and in the future :



Best Regards,

Arabic Teacher

Mohamed Nadir



Stories are a great way to learn specially if it comes a long with Audio, now following is the set of stories  that fits beginners level :


There is set of short stories published by Dar Al-Manhal I think you'll find it online under the name of Arabic Talking Stories, I highly recommend it to my students especially if they're beginners.

The good thing about this series is it has 4 sets depending on your level (in your case I suggest you start by Set 1 which has some basic sentences and vocabulary that might help you in your studies) each set has more than 8 stories in various topics, for example the daily activities which will help boost you're vocabulary and speaking as well.
Also, it has audio so you can read and listen while reading and focusing on your pronunciation


Here is some of the stories as video:


There is a useful strategy to follow with short stories, to know more about it you can watch this video:


Let me know if you have any questions :)


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