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what does "sarang" mean ?

is "sarang" a noun or an adjective ? what does it mean exactly ? love or lover or beloved ? thanks



사랑(sarang) is a noun which means "a love" or "a loved one"

Thank you so much ...

i hear this word in a korean film.
About hundres years ago, the meaning of "사랑(sarang)" was "think". I was used when a man was thinking about a woman who he likes (or vice versa). This word evolved to mean love in modern days.

Wow ... so nice . Thanks for the information. It was amazing ... 

"sarang" is a noun and "sarang hada" is a  verb.

So what do "sarang handago " and "sarang hamnida" mean ? what is the difference ? Could anyone please help me in this too ?

"sarang hamnida" is a polite way of saying "I love you".

"sarang handago" means "that I love" and it's kind of quotation.

사랑한다고 말해 줘.
sarang handago malhae jwo.
-> Tell me that you love me.

A: 뭐라고? (mworago?) : What did you say?
B: 사랑한다고! (sarang handago) : (I said that) I love you!

Hope this helps!

Oh, I see. Thanks a lot . It was really helpful.

it means "people"yep?

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