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Italien singers

Hi friends! i want to impart my favorite  Italien singers,it's Eros Ramazzotti, Adriano Celentano. What do you think  about it? 

p.s If i do mistakes, you will correct me))) 




You wrote, "Hi friends! i  want to impart my favorite Italien singers,it's Eros Ramazzotti, Adriano Celentano. What do you think about it?
p.s If i do mistakes, you will correct me))) "


Here are some corrections: Hi friends! I want to impart my favorite Italian singers: Eros Ramazzotti & Adriano Celentano. What do you think of these singers?


"Impart" is technically correct, but most people would say "share" or "list", eg;

I want to list my favourite Italian singers.

I want to share my favourite Italian singers (with you).


Instead of "it's", which is singular possessive, you should use "they are" (plural), and because it's plural, should say "about them", not "about it".




Dear Sirs))

What about mistakes? We DO mistakes, or we MAKE mistakes?


I love Ramazzotti too. You should also check out: Laura Pausini, Nek, Malika, Modà, Zero Assoluto And Tiziano Ferro. :)


Hi Oxana. I think that those singers are too old fashioned! Celentano, in particular is in oblivion...


If you like the Italian music I suggest you to listen to the new artists such as: Emma Marrone, Elisa, Tiromancino, Modà, Marco Mengoni, Arisa. And if you like some electro music you can also listen to Subsonica.


Domenico Modugno ("Volare")

Gianna Nannini

Paolo Conte

Giorgio Gaber


Hi oxan

I Do mistake (it's wrong) =-I make (made *past) a mistake. ( correct )

I like "Negrita" and probably no else.


"...Ti guardo accaldata contorcerti
Tra le lenzuola umide
Golosa ed implacabile
Forza fammi male finchè vuoi…..."

My favourite Italian signers are: Eros Ramazzotti and Ligabue

Francesca, good music is never old-fashioned, it is, and will be, always evergreen! :-)
Nowadays, I can feel emotion hearing Mina singing "Il cielo in una stanza" (1960) or Domenico Modugno singing "Vecchio frac" (1955) or Rino Gaetano singing "Aida" (1977) or Lucio Battisti singing "Io vorrei... non vorrei... ma se vuoi..." (1972)... only a few ones, just as example.
How many, between the singer you have named, will you remember in fifty years' time? ;-)

To "the Germanian Sir" (like Rahiil calls 熊力) :-), with whom I strongly agree about Paolo Conte and Giogio Gaber, I afford to suggest Lucio Battisti's songs:
- Ich würd' gern... ich weiß nicht... doch wenn du will..."
- Gärten im März
- Unser freies Lied
- Luci-ah
- Trotzdem schön
- Die heimliche Freundin
- Der Adler

I greet you all with a song poem of Luigi Tenco:

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