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French learning

I am a newer to study French.I have learned the pronounciation and grammar of French.

But now what confuses most is that I just think people in French speak too fast!

Can anyone give me some advice to improve my speaking and listening?

Thank you!



to improve ur speaking and listening u shoud listen french convercation or french music 

Hi koinyu! My advice would be to listen to as much French as possible.  I think that broadcasters like RFI offer news service in "slow French", for French learners.  One thing that has helped me is watching DVDs with the French language dubs.  For speaking practice, you might Google a technique called "shadowing". Good luck!

Thank you for your suggestions!

Hello :) I'm french ^^ if you want improve your french you can just listen frensh music with subitle and movies too ^^ at first english subitle and after in frensh subitle !

I hope you understand what i am saying, my english is not perfect :)

I believe there are add ons in firefox and chrome that will let you slow down sites like youtube but don't put slow things up to much because it could distort the sound!

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