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what will you do if you were on a plane full of snakes ?



i will try to kill them for survive...

what will you do if you were on a plane full of snakes ? Using "will" is saying this is going to happen, but then you use "if you were" so it is mixing up different tenses.


you should write.

What would you do if you were on a plane full of snakes ?


For my part, it would depend on what sort of snake it was. Some snakes are aggressive, but many try to avoid people. There is an Indian city, where the locals believe that snakes are holy and let them live in their houses and don't molest them when encountered. The snakes are cobras which are generally regarded as very dangerous, so this example shows that if you  act non-aggressively to a snake, it will generally ignore you.


But I wouldn't be sleeping very well :-)

I would open the emergency door and announce that there is a bomb on the plane. All the snakes would jump down the plane :)

thank you Michael ,, actually i watched (plane full of snakes )movie  and they were all dangerous so that i asked this question ,

You need to watch educational videos.  Learning Turkiish is great, but don't learn Turkish just to watch the Turkish language broadcasts available on Jordanian television.

Well, I would surely be scared, but I had to keep me alive, so I'd find someone who could help me in catching the snakes to put all the animals in a big suitcase.

I thought i would swoon

Alixit they are so many they can't be fit in asuitcase

I would faint immediately:-(

I'd take extra sleeping pills, drink a lot of alcohol and hope to pass out until the appropriate help arrives.  

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