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Good Swedish comedians?


Yesterday I was watching a Louis CK standup and I realized how difficult it was to stop watching it, as I was having so much fun with it (fun gets done!).


At that moment, I thought that it would great to be able to find something similar in Swedish, something that I cannot put down and that I am eager to watch again, for the fun it provides.


So, do you have any recommendation on Swedish comedians?


Tack så mycket! :D



I enjoy Johan Glans very much, he's not Louis CK, more a cuddly version of him... He speaks dialect (skånska) but its not too difficult to understand I think. Tell me what you think.


Magnus Betnér is more cynical and political. And Björn Gustafsson is more slapstick comedy.






I think Henrik Skyffert is one of the best Swedish stand up comedians.

You should watch his 90's defence speech. 

Here is a link on youtube.


Also I recomend you to look up killinggänget they are very funny and have done a lot of shows, tv and movies. Henrik Skyffert is a part of that group.

Nilecity 105,6 for example, very funny TV show in many episodes.


I hope you enjoy them.

Robert Gustafsson — the best comedian in Sweden (den bästa komikern i Sverige)!

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