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I am looking for a English language partner. I'm Italian


Hi guys,

I'm an Italian guy.I would like to know people of native English speakers to talk on Skype to improve my English.I will help you with your learning of Italian.

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you cant find native speaker ,

 because i try it so much,so follow others who are great at speaking!


Sorry Tania,

but I don't understand what you wanted to tell me. I don't understand the meaning

I mean i couldnt find native english speaker so,i follow those who arent native speaker ,they are from chaina,india.turkey,,,,,,

but they can speak english.

i practice speaking with them.


I am learning Italian. I can help you in return with learning English.

I can help you with English and I am Learning Italian.


Ti posso aiutare se ne hai ancora bisogno. Puoi contatarmi se vuoi.

Sono native Inglese. Parla poco Italiano. Forse possiamo aiutarci a vicenda? 

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