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About Zodiac and horoscopes. Acerca del Zodíaco y el Horóscopo. ¡ Vamos con algo light !

1- What is your Zodiac Sign?............................mine is Gemini.


2- What animal are you in the Chinese horoscope?................I am Cat.


3- Do you believe in horoscopes?......................No, I don´t.


1- Cuál es tu Signo Zodiacal?.............Soy de Géminis


2- Qué animal sos (eres) en el Horóscopo Chino?..............Gato o Conejo


3- Creés (Crees) en el Horóscopo?........................No



I am a Libra.  I've never believed in horoscopes, but I've always been very strong in the typical Libra traits.  Most notably, I am a very fair person and will always give the benefit of the doubt.

Since I became aware of these traits at a young age, I can't help but wonder if this knowledge actually influenced my actions.  In other words, with me knowing what a Libra is SUPPOSED to be like, did I unconsciously gravitate to them?  Or, is it just a coincidence?

Of course, given a set of traits that are broad enough, I suppose one could find a description of himself in any of the zodiacal signs.




1- What is your Zodiac Sign? Leo

2- What animal are you in the Chinese horoscope? Steer

3- Do you believe in horoscopes? No


1- Cuál es tu Signo Zodiacal? Leo

2- Qué animal sos (eres) en el Horóscopo Chino? Buey

3- Creés (Crees) en el Horóscopo? No


1- What is your Zodiac Sign? Capricorn

2- What animal are you in the Chinese horoscope? Tiger

3- Do you believe in horoscopes? Not really


@ Monica : There is any 12 names of shio in chinnese : Tiger,rat,snake,dragon,monkey,ox,horse,goat,rabbit,pig,dog and rooster.. I think what you mean is tiger :)

I'm a Gemini. :) My animal sign in Chinese horoscope is snake. I don't believe in horoscopes.


To Devin:

My husband is a Libra too. He believes in all what you said.

I used to believe in what was said for Gemini traits in the past. However, my husband changed my mind after he expressed his thoughts about zodiacal traits. He always claimed that I might be influenced by these traits, since I was aware of them at a very young age. Therefore, I might gravitate to these traits unconsciously. He also believes that there are SO MANY traits given in the horoscope, so one may find a description of their traits in their zodiacal sign, as you said. :)

Tirah: Nice to meet you. I´m not wrong. Some years ago ,Chinese Horoscope used Cat as one of the animals. Later it was replaced by "rabbit". But if you look for, you´ll find "Cat,Rabbit & Hare" representing my animal. The fact is that I can´t find similarities between a Cat & a Rabbit. I still have two books I had bought by those days and my animal was Cat, only Cat. So I like the original one, the first one. (I found it in internet): Chinese Astrology: Cat

The Virtuous Cat

The Cat is Yin
The Cat's Motto is “I Retreat”

In the 20th Century all cats were born between the following dates:



Alberto P. Bien marcado tu signo,jaja. Buena idea la de destacar en rojo. Yo tengo a Leo como ascendente.

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