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Italki in the past

You know some years ago italki was just the best solution for me... I had so many friends and it was always interesting for me to be there... But now when I entered here I just could find nobody ... We were just like a team and all are gone now..I miss the old Italki, the old friends and the discussion we have always had. Wel 2 people who were just the closest for me Seda and Dany if you still read it all I can say I miss you friends so much ..



italki in the past!!!!!!!!1

do you know the history of italki?

how old is italki?

:) i m here nere one year !

the past is the past and to day there is always a chance for new friends 

Well Tania.. I am here for smth like 4 years... And I am talking about 2010,2011 ... it was really fantastic.. just after I didn't have time and now it is somewhat strange for me ..

to siny:

oh, thats great!

sometime i m like you ,but sometimes there are alot of friends!

I think it depends on thier mood and thier conditions!

bye the way nice to meet you!

Tania, nice to meet you too.. yeah you are right..Just I ment there past almost  2 years I could find only 1 person I knew..

italki's changes were just awful, it reduced its attarcativity!
it was great , i could follow my friends activity, i was so active, actually all were more active coz it was like small society which its people were so closed to eachother!
past version of italki encouraged people to communicate with eachother eagerly!
now it is more like a deserted city which its people are moving!

yes Elina I agree with you..I dislike this type too.

italki used to be slow. It is now fast enough to use for text responses. 


Those who answer questions are friendlier and not as competitive.


Discussions usually gather opinions from diverse cultures.  


Italki used to be more helpful, useful and attractive for language learners. I REALLY miss the old version of italki. When I was preparing myself for the IELTS test one year ago, this site REALLY helped me to get a good score in the writing part of the test.  I posted three notebook entries each day and got a lot of corrections in less than one hour. My questions and notebook entries had more views than after it became upgrated. I also think that everyone was closer to each other.


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