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Final exam

my final exam is just around the corner.And im feel so lazy to study right now,anyone has any ideas how to be diligent??!!



Turn off all electronic devices.  Get some fresh spring water.  Go to a quiet place with a hard seat but adequate light.  Pretend that you are waiting for an important visitor who will monitor your progress.

Well I just want to cheer you up.
You can do it, it's just a matter of time.
whenever you feel lazy try to rise your energy and feel the feeling of success.
good luck with your exam Zul

there's two types of study :
1st : Hard subject which can't be studied .. !
2nd : Easy subject that doesn't need to be studied .. !!

)) so, take it easy and have fun ))


my final exam is also coming soon and sometimes i feel just like you do , lazy i prefer to do anything besides studying , and when i start studying i can't focus , i always look for something that will distract  me from studying ,  so i take a day or two days off , i enjoy my time and i do things that entertain me and i relax , i just forget everything about school and things that make nerveous

after that i feel really good and all the stress goes on and i feel like studying without getting bored or tired

and you should organise yourself put a daily  schedule about what are you going to study that will also help you to improve and you will feel no pressure and the most important thing is  be optimistic

Sleeping, good marks or social life. Choose two.

I can't give you any idea, I confuses me even with a fly XD

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