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Russian language

What do you think about Russian language?Would you like to learn it?Why?=)



I think it's a nice language.
I'd like to learn russian because couple of my friends are russian. They are very nice.

During listening to Russian, I was like - oh cool it's an easy language to learn
but after seeing its letters I find out that it's not that easy as I guessed ))
I've just learned a few Phrases such as "Prviat kak dilla! - Ya hatchou koshet - Ya hatchou Tanciva" :D 

I'd like to learn Russian coz My cousin lives there and someday I may need to visit him beside as it's known most of Russian are friendly, nice & helpful )

Sara , Mano , thank you))


Mano , some corrections :

Privet!Kak dela?

Ya hochu kushat'

Ya hochu tancivat'

I'd love to learn russian, but I think it's hard a little bit.
by the way what is the russian greeting

I think Russian is a great language, which still keep some Old Greek nature.

In fact, I like Russian because of the Russian song named Катюша in Russian, the folk song you must know.

Yeah, there are many difficulties learning Russian, such as the pronuncition of 'р', and some of word like 'песню' and 'степного' and the like, but in the other hand, it's funny, isn't it?

Spyceiba Irene ) for that small corrections ))
i think it's not too bad as I'm still in thee beginner levels
and let me ask you about your opinion,
what do you think about Russian language as it's a mother tongue for you!

Mano , certainly , I love it - language can't be not beautiful , if it was native one of such word-masters like Marina Tsvetaeva , Nickolay Gumilev , Michael Lermontov , Anton Chekhov etc, can it? 

Correction : "Spacibo"

I wish you easy and good learning Russian!:)




Mohammed Alhazmi , 

informal - "Privet" , "Zdravstvuy" , "Zdarova"

formal - "Zdravstvuyte"

"Dobroe utro" = Good morning

"Dobriy den' " = Good afternoon

"Dobriy vecher" = Good evening

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