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Tv Series For English

Hello my friends. I have finished all Dexter episodes. Now i am trying to find a new Tv series. İt is important the language of the series. Yesterday ı watched Sopranos 1 episode. But they speak with İtalian Accent. I thought that it souldnt be helpful for my english.

Do you have an advice about any TV Show?



My husband really liked the series "Breaking Bad".

Watch some of the Star Trek episodes.  The original series is the best.

Of course " breaking bad".

@Xarmanla, live long and prosper!

Despite being a little old, I think "Friends" could be a good choice, especially if you wanna learn the English that's really spoken in the U.S. (informal). I use to read all the script and study the words and idioms that I don't know yet, and then I watch the due episode. It's been helped me a lot.

By the way, watch out this site I've found... It has almost every tv series, including the last episodes.


I think Friends is a good choice.
but how can I get the script?
Is there any site may help?

Watch this short fan film with English captions.


YouTube have a lot of episodes from series with subtitles if you need them.

Or this site is a great place to catch up on old TV series, from America and the UK, although there are no subtitles:


Sherlock is popular right now. I haven't watched it yet, but herad many good responses from my friends

How is "When I met your mother?

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