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How much do you know about Saudi Arabia ?

Hi everyone.
hope you're doing great.
do you know saudi arabia or have you ever visited saudi arabia
would like to vist it one day ?
and tell me your honest opinions.



I know much about Saudi Arabia.I have never visited the country but wish to visit al lest once in my lifetime.

 i was recently there, we visited mecca, medina, and jeddah!
it was so good experience being there, 
the weather is soooo hot! 
 women deresses there were all in black and you couldn't see their faces! i think it was not good at all! 

Most interested in religion there because my teacher said every religion has something in common. I have got to buddha, Christian, Tao, Confucius, etc, but still a lot to know. If I visit your country, I would like get familiar with people with religious belief. As you can see, religion will result in wise people.


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