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education in your country

I want to know your opinion about the education in your country and what the prons & cons in it cause I want to talk classes outside egypt and Iam have been  graduated from faculty of commerce 



50/50 - we have one of the best educations in the world , but from year to year it becomes worse.

We have one of worst education systems in the world. It doesn't make sense to study here.

Serg , we have much better education system than you think - not know ,what about provincial towns , but Moscow public (private ones are really aweful) schools are  good.Best Foreign Universities accept Russian students (that's not my blind guess , I know many examples from  certain schools). 

The education in my country is of a terrible level if we speak about schools. The pupils cannot understand a text and the teachers -not all-, neither are very qualified. On the other hand, the universities are full of foreigners of other Latin countries since many facilities are given to them. Even the residence. It´s much more economic studying in Argentina that in their countries.


I live in Canada. There are definitely pros and cons to our education system. We have many different universities across the country that offer a wide array of courses and have very unique teaching styles. We are very focused on test-taking, and having a normal distribution of marks in the classroom (for example, in most schools there should be a few students who fail, a few who do excellently, and most of the students should fall somewhere in between). A definite con of our education system is we do not pride ourselves on innovation or "outside the box" thinking. There is usually only 1 correct answer, even for "opinion-based" learning, therefore it is difficult to develop critical thinking skills. Canada is a lovely country, and I think most people report having a positive experiencing with living and learning here.

About commerce, China has many opportunities for foreigners because they can see what the locals cannot. If you are in Beijing, there are so many international students. I believe China is a good place to learn. I think many foreign students are really wise because they know to choose someone really outstanding as their teacher, which many Chinese don't know. There is nothing about education system. There is always something about how hard one will try to find his suitable tutor. One thing great about studying in China, is if you grasp ancient Chinese, you can learn things with biggest return  I think because five thousand years of books are well-kept. Because of political reason, many Chinese don't know ancient Chinese, therefore you could see it's  a difficult language. But I do know some foreign students have mastered it. China is a very complicated country, a developing one, a one mixed with west and east culture. There are many lures for foreign students unless they don't go to bars and other entertainments. Chinese are kinder to foreigners than to their own people because they will feel ashamed if treat a foreigner wrong, as if losing the face of the whole country, which is rooted from househould politeness towards guests. Now it becomes more and more expensive for foreign students to study in China's universities. One thing I'm sure is that the earlier a foreigner studies here, the cheaper. As for universities, the best ones' are in Beijing and Shanghai, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. But if I'm a foreign student, I'd rather find an outstanding tutor in buddha system since there are so many talents there.

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