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can you do several works together? how?



Bara, in the present economic situation of Spain, there are many people who doing it. In addition this kind people dont have enough money with the two wages. Despite the effort, this kind of people going on.


The answer to your questions is '' With sweat and effort '' ( spanish saying )


Sorry for the mistakes, it's the first coment :)

I mean i see some of people who are reading a book while they are speaking  to others !!!!!

In the US, we call being able to do several things at the same time "multi-tasking".  The phrase is often used in the workplace, but can also be used in other situations, too.

If reading a novel, a person can chat, eating and etc. If reading an academic one, only focus will do. As to work, I think setting up a team and helping each other is the best way.


I  cant speak with others when i chatting or when two pearson speak with me at the same time i cant follow both of them. I have a friend who cook es while she speakes with phone or do sth else!

I really want to do several work together!

 but i dont know how can i start!

A human attention is quite narrow. So you have to pay attention only to one task without visible lowering of quality. The only case is when a work is doing itself by passing a main one. It's difficult, but I think to think on that area is good idea.

Multitasking is very common.  Studies find that students often learn better when doing an activity they enjoy such as drawing or watching pictures of something unrelated to the subject being taught.  Music helps drivers focus on the road because they listen and then don't worry about being agressive toward others.

Brain training methods are effective even if the student detests the exercises.  A topic is presented and then attention is diverted elsewhere.  Songs and rhymes serve the same purpose. 

It is possible to improve multitasking skills, but some people hold fast to the belief that they need to focus on only one activity at a time.  These are sequential thinkers.  There is a continuum from strictly sequential to those who must multitask in order to focus.  Most people are in the middle.  It was not until I saw the success of brain training in increasing my Arabic sight vocabulary that I realized I should really capitalize on my multitasking preference.  I personally dislike learning vocabulary out of context, but I can't argue with success.

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