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Anyone who want to speak Japanese?


Hi,This is tatsu. Is there anyone who want to practice speaking Japanese with me? Let`s introduce ourselves first and study japanese. It`s for free, so if you`re interested in,please send me a message through the comment form first. I`ll tell you my skype address then. Sorry in advance. We can talk for 15 to 30 minutes only, but during the talk I`m willing to help you out. Should you have any questions about how to study Japanese or a language, you can ask me at that time. If you felt that you further want me to teach you, you can book my class. 


Hope to see you soon. 


By the way, thank you for asking me some questions in the last discussion. It`s really nice to help you out, but I`m sorry for the people who wanted to ask me for some recommendations of some sorts. I basically can`t answer what kinds of Japanese music I  can recommend or what kinds of dramas,movies,variety shows, and TV shows I recommend since I myself don`t listen to or watch them. I can recommend only mangas or animes. I`m kind of crazy about them. I have lots of them.




I would be interested in talking to you as long as its free. Unfortunately, I haven't found many japanese guys who have the time to help.




Skype adress: odaekcho


you dont show up on skype. add me instead. Skype: crimsonxsonata


His skype address is: odakecho, not odaekcho...




Hi all, 


By the way, Thank you Manuel Lama sann. I made a serious mistake. My skype address is odakecho not odaekcho.


<Zsolt sann

I see. It`s almost the first time to hear that. In Japan, we also have home schooling children, but I haven`t known about them so much. 


I was sorry to your daughter last night. I couldn`t talk since I was talking to another person. I sent her a message on skype. If she stills wants to, let`s talk. 


<Eli sann

I had fun talking to you last night. Let`s study Japanese together. 


<Manuel Lama sann

Let`s study Japanese together. Let`s talk tomorrow. 



Sure. You know what? I had been there for about a year studying English.I recently came back here in Japan and started to work as a teacher. Please tell me your skype address or you can add mine. 





I want to learn Japanese. :) I am an otaku and love anime. I want to be able to watch without subtitles. Thanks Tatsu-sama ^^


Hello Jesseca sann^^


Sure. I`m also like an otaku who loves anime so much. We can talk about animations then. 

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